Leap for Leaders - exclusive video series

Exclusive video Journey for coaches, entrepreneurs and business owners


Because you don’t want to die with the music still inside you.

Join me and overcome 3 most painful obstacles to become an impactful Visionary Leader you were always meant to be:

  • fear of following your wildest dreams;
  • not trusting yourself you are meant to be a Leader;
  • being sucked into emotional struggles and not moving forward.

Are you ready to IMPACT the world with your visionary idea… and want to get the emotional strength you need to succeed in your wildest dreams?

It is completely FREE.

Leaders, who are willing to be vulnerable, are leaders of the future.

What you will learn in your video series?

F.E.E.L.™ Method

Emotional struggle holds you back? 

I’ll guide you through my simple and very effective method for emotional transformation and you’ll change your “drama” into confidence to manifest your purpose, impact and money you deserve.

Identify the painful “Denial Phase"  

Understand your clues about your purpose & mission and avoid the most painful lie you can say to yourself: “IT WAS NOT MEANT TO BE”! You'll learn how to recognise you are just at the threshold and what you need to do next to leap into impactful leadership.

The map through 6 phases  

Every meaningful achievement goes through 6 phases: denial, anger, bargain, eye of the needle, surrender and finally you’ll reach confidence, emotional strength, purpose and success. I’ll give you the entire map so you can find where you are and how to make your next best move. 

Vulnerability - yes or no?  

Your most desired feelings are those of confidence and belonging. You need to welcome vulnerabilty to achieve that. I’ll show you how to overcome resistance to vulnerability and achieve sense of fulfilment you are looking for.