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then you are in the right place! There is no place like DIVINE BUSINESS ACADEMY where you’ll get the best blended teaching of conscious professional strategies and personal transformation which is crucial and very much needed in order to make full use of the strategies! Both, the inner and the outer work are crucial ingredients for growing a conscious successful business –

congratulations, you have arrived, YOU ARE HOME!

With every break through you make, with every invisible barrier you overcome, with every new conscious business strategy you learn and apply, you are growing into a more powerful, happier, freer and more confident expert on your field. Success and wealth are then natural consequences of your inner work AND inspired action and you thank your life day in and day out.

If you feel there is so much more in you, if you are struggling to get your voice out, work too much, don’t feel compensated for your work, feel unseen – then your invisible barriers are stronger then you have considered so far. Working more will not help, but doing it differently definitely will help.

You were born to be a successful expert leader and to spread your message. The world is waiting for you to finally step out in a big way.

What is it that you need to do differently? You can imagine and dream your success but not much will change until you get good mentoring and guidance through 2 processes, the inner and the outer process.

The outer process will lead you through:

  • Clarifying your message and find out who you naturally serve best
  • Defining your unique creative transformational service and packages
  • Learning how to invite new clients and how to authentically offer your package on a personal level using Compassionate selling method
  • Learning how to lead the sales conversation from your heart and how to face fears and barriers that arise in your prospects (and in yourself)
  • Learning how to build a community – a sacred container for transformation and growth
  • Designing your signature talk, learning how to make an introductory talk or workshop to a group of people using your authentic presence
  • Learning how to lead the authentic heart marketing that will warm your heart and the hearts of your ideal clients (far from using any classical marketing approaches – good news, right?)
  • The total breakthrough transformation of your relationship to abundance of any kind in your life!

Hand in hand and along with the outer process we will walk you through your inner transformation – through the steps of a conscious entrepreneur growing process:

  • Moment of Truth: you need to admit something is off in your professional and most often in your personal life
  • Moment of Breakthrough: you need to allow the breakthrough energy to build up in your body – this is when the mentoring opportunity will show up, mostly likely this moment is NOW!
  • Moment of letting go: you need to release unhealthy mindset, situations, people and projects from your life
  • Moment of inner peace: you need to take your time and space to truly feel and release all the emotions and by doing that you make space for new to enter your life
  • Moment of surrender: you need to surrender to the new life that naturally emerges after release of the old one
  • Moment of light emerging: you need to follow the light emerging from your new being and take inspired action
  • Moment of creation, manifestation and constant support: you need to establish a support system that supports you in your constant creation and manifestation

Get excited because you are just a step away from your new life to emerge and from growing into a powerful leading expert that you are meant to be.

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Who am I and why am I speaking to you?

Dear fellow traveler, I am also a woman who has faced many challenges and falls in my life. Years ago I was a victim of my environment. I didn’t feel the power to direct my own life, to direct my income, my relationships, or my physical health! Life was happening to me and I did not realize that I was worth more, that I could do so much more, and most of all, that I could do it differently.

My turning point happened on March 28th 2009 with an accident in which my daughter, who was 4 at the time, almost drowned. I was holding her and she wasnʼt breathing when I pulled her out of my own pool, and at that moment I decided: “No matter how selfish I am, I NEED you to stay!”

I truly admitted and embodied my need for the first time in my life. I decided to quit the unhealthy marriage and find a new mentor. I decided I can have needs (my dreams, my children or anything else).

It opened up my heart. It made my relationship with my loved ones so much better. It made my life.

So, today I understand that this accident was a crucial life lesson for me and gave me a huge opportunity! Now I ask you:

Are you going to let your dreams die in your arms? Or are you going to fight for them and decide you love them and need them NOW?

I am so grateful that life brought these challenges to me. My emotional and health issues finally pushed me to the threshold of my tolerance and I had to face myself.

I finally asked myself – how do I want to spend the rest of my life?

First I accepted the wisdom that every problem has a solution. Many times we just don’t believe that there is a solution and we try to conform to the life that we are living now, right? We live in denial and try to convince ourselves that it could be so much worse… I was there for a long time.

But then I broke through to the moment of truth.

The result? Today I am a happy, calm and fulfilled Mom of 3 beautiful children, living my purpose and the life that I always longed for.

How did I make it? I learned how to unload my emotional burdens and how to put myself at the center of my life (along with conscious business building strategies of course!)

Yes, I had to face all my shame and guilt. Yes, I had to face my sadness and madness. More important, I had to accept them as a valuable part of my being. YES!

Finally I came to the point when emotions were not leading my life from behind the scenes anymore but I started to create and use them to create what I want!

This is the biggest turning point in one’s life, I call it “an emotional zero point”. As long as your stubborn subconscious patterns govern your life from behind the scenes, you cannot create the life you want. You need to uncover and RELEASE those subconscious barriers, reach the zero point and from there on you can create the emotions, the intention and the presence that you want. You finally go to the driver’s seat.

Be attentive here! Freeing your emotional load is NOT just cutting yourself off from it or burying it so deep that you don’t feel it anymore – this will only make the situation worse.

How do you want to spend the rest of your life? Until you truly free yourself from your emotional load, nothing really helps.

Speaking symbolically, you need to renovate your house from the inside out. You need to enter into those secret chambers, to your shadow zone, to your developmental edge, clean the clutter and build a solid emotional fundament where the beautifully renovated – AND painted and decorated according to your taste – house will stand for the rest of your life.

Then you need to learn how to use the greatest gift that was given to you at the time of birth – the power of creating your emotions and manifesting the life YOU want! Then YOU choose the way YOU want to live and if you don’t like your choice you change it. You don’t bother with inner battles anymore, this is so exhausting. Then you live the life of a Queen or a King that you are meant to live.

And since I know HOW to free yourself, to accept, to see, to overcome the emotional zero point and become a creator of your life, I know YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!!

Without hard work, without guilt, without unloving feelings towards yourself – but with the art of activating the God-given creative power within you!

My decision was clear. I wanted the freedom and I set myself on the path.

Now I’m offering the same to you!